7 'Community' Easter Eggs That Will Blow Your Mind

The creators of Community are absolute masters at hiding jokes, references to the show’s actors’ real lives, and references to past and future episodes in bits of dialogue and the backgrounds of scenes. Here are seven such Easter eggs that will make you want to rewatch this whole glorious show all over again:

The underwear Jeff wears in the billiards showdown episode of Season 1 is the same underwear Dean Pelton is briefly seen wearing in Season 3 Episode 8. (The episode wherein the Dean goes crazy trying to shoot a promotional commercial for Greendale.)

If you look closely in Season 2 Episode 7, wherein Abed turns into an insult-dealing robot to win the favor of Annie, Shirley, and Britta, you’ll notice that the text in his robot HUD contains spoilers for future episodes.

Pay close attention in Season 2 Episode 8 during the scene where the Dean comes into the study room to announce the puppy parade. In the background behind Abed’s arm, you can see Annie’s Boobs stealing Annie’s purple pen.

At the Valentine’s Dance in Season 2 Episode 15, Starburns’ sideburns are shaved into hearts instead of stars.

Cougar Town is a real show, and in Season 2 Episode 21 of it, you can see Abed making his Cougar Town debut (the one he told Jeff about in the My Dinner With Andre episode) in the background.

In Season 3 Episode 5, Annie says the word “Beetlejuice” and a person dressed as Beetlejuice walks by in the background. This is the third time the word “Beetlejuice” has been uttered on the show, so the character’s appearance is a reference to the fact that in Beetlejuice, he only appears after someone has said his name three times.

During the scene when the study group is in a mental institution in Season 3 Episode 19, Garrett (who is a doctor in this scene) speaks in the voice of Dan Harmon, the show’s creator.

(all Easter eggs sourced from this thread in the Reddit community r/Community)

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