Face of Nikon Up For Grabs; Ashton Kutcher Dropped

Dude, where’s my celebrity endorsement? Actor Ashton Kutcher, best known for playing Kelso on That ’70s Show, has been given the boot by Nikon.¬†Kutcher, who has fronted the company in various TV spots for about 2 years, had reportedly attempted to double his contract. Nikon ceased to negotiate.

Kutcher’s TV spots were certainly cheeky, (to say the least) often showing him schmoozing it up with models and acting coy with a camera in tow. Which isn’t all too far from reality with his playboy lifestyle. Though some were angered by his flirty commercials after his split with Demi Moore.

Did you like Ashton Kutcher’s ads? Do you wish That ’70s Show would come back and he’d just go back to being Kelso forever because he’s terrible and annoying in literally everything else?

(via Nikon Rumours)

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