TV Fans, Have You Ever Seen Toronto Like This?

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Even if you’ve never been to Canada, if you’ve seen a few big budget TV shows in your lifetime, you’ve seen Toronto. Because it bears a resemblance to other big U.S. cities like New York City and Chicago but is generally cheaper to film in, Toronto is often used as a stand-in in TV shows and movies that are set in those cities.

But how familiar are you with the real Toronto? Not the one that masquerades as somewhere else in films like Being Erica, Flashpoint, Gilmore Girls, and Hannibal, but the city behind all the movie magic.

These images by photographer Tom Ryaboi will make you take a step back and really appreciate how beautiful the city is. His expertly crafted compositions, nauseating rooftop captures and Inception style composites will help you get acquainted with the city.

The gallery above is only a sample of Tom’s awe-inspiring photography so as always, check out his 500px and Flickr and of course like his Facebook page to stay up to date with more of his work.

Photographs by Tom Ryaboi and used with permission.


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