Netflix Is About to Look Very Different

If you usually watch Netflix on your TV, you’re in for a surprise today. The company is trying something new, and it’s going to totally change the way you use Netflix on your TV.

From TechCrunch:

Netflix’s new TV apps, which represent the biggest single product update in the company’s history, are designed to be more visual, taking advantage of the increased screen real estate on HDTVs, while also allowing viewers to learn more about titles before clicking through.

Titles are now represented with new, landscape-mode box art and, when selected, the main screen displays three large, rotating images that give more context about what each movie or TV show is about. When it comes to TV shows, that’s true not only for an entire series, but also each individual episode. Each title also has a more concise synopsis and also displays personalized details, such as why it’s recommended, which friends might have watched it, or whether it’s won any awards.

The new design will also give viewers access to longer synopses, extended user profiles and a better search experience. Auto-playing the next episode of a TV show will now be a feature across every version of Netflix’s TV apps – which, personally, I’m terrified about. Netflix is going to make binge watchers out of all of us, everybody’s going to start telling themselves they’ll go to work as soon as they’re finished watching this one last episode of House of Cards, global productivity will plummet, the economy will crash and we’ll be living in a The Road-esque post-apocalyptic wasteland by January 2014. Just you wait.

(via Business Insider)

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