This Fan-Made Mashup of 'Community' Clips and a Childish Gambino Song Is Perfect

That’s it. It’s over. Troy Barnes, arguably Community‘s best character, has had his final episode on the show, at the behest of Donald Glover, the actor who plays him.

In a series of Instagram photos he published in late 2013, Glover revealed that contrary to what some believed, he didn’t leave Community solely to focus on his musical project, Childish Gambino. He got into some of the complicated reasons he decided to leave the show, explaining he’s experienced some personal struggles and wishes to “be on [his] own.”

Barnes appeared in five of the 13 episodes that will make up Community Season 5. His final episode, “Geothermal Escapism,” was a fitting sendoff for a character we grew to know and love, who will now be sailing around the world with LeVar Burton in a ship called Childish Tycoon. (Man, if you’ve never seen Community, that sentence probably sounds really ridiculous.) A character who began the show as a self-centered dumb jock and became a caring friend and a more dynamic character has finally grown up.

While Troy may be gone from the show (though we’re still holding out for a secret cameo appearance), he certainly won’t be forgotten. This fan-made video mashup of the Childish Gambino song “Sweatpants” and clips from Community is a perfect tribute to the legacy of Troy, leader of the Legit Republic of Blanketsburg and messiah of the Air Conditioning Repair Annex.

Watch it and relive some of Troy’s greatest moments. Oh, and suffice it to say that Childish Gambino’s music is NSFW.

(via Buzzfeed)

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