Trippy Video Shows How Lighting can Dramatically Change a Show's Feeling

Understanding lighting is the base of photography — and it’s also very important when it comes to the world onscreen. Think of TV shows like American Horror Story — it wouldn’t have anywhere near the same mood if every scene wasn’t cloaked in shadow.

But how many moods can you create just by changing the angle of your light source? Turns out, a lot. The expressions this model display range from sinister, to adorable, to provocative in just a matter of seconds. With the a slight shift of a micro expression, the tone of the photo is amplified by the change in light.

Director Nacho Guzman has teamed up with band Opale to create this music video ‘Sparkles and Wine‘. While it does have a catchy beat and is visually impressive, it’s also an interesting way to showcase how lighting can completely change a scene. Notice how the model’s facial expression changes depending on how the light hits her face? And then introducing different colors into the mix further alters the mood and style of the subject.

(via vimeo)

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