With No Budget and No Sponsors, This Group of 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Created Something Awesome

Our friend Benjamin Von Wong is at it again, and this time it’s an incredible 7-minute fan fiction piece that takes place in the Game of Thrones universe. The story is this: Benjen Stark is on his way to the Wall from a visit to Winterfell when he comes across a scene of bloody carnage and only two survivors. Then the white walkers show up and, well, you can see what happens above.

What’s more incredible is the story behind this short film. Benjamin had begun by doing GoT-inspired stills when he walked into Dracolite, the largest medieval accessory store in Canada, and said they should work together. Their collaboration would soon snowball the project into a full-fledged film, with Ben being introduced to Montreal-based special effects studio Les Ateliers Nemesis and videographers from Five Knights Productions to co-direct. After a month of preproduction and with help from local armories, special effects teams, and production companies Ben was ready to call in his friends for the shoot.

They shot the entire film over two days on a Sony FX100, taking promotional stills at night to maximize their access to daylight. What floored me, though, was that they did all of this on $200. And that was just for food. Let that sink in, and now rewatch the short while you’re composing yourself. Yes, what this group have accomplished is amazing.

The pacing, perspective and visual quality of the film—did you notice how amazing the walkers looked?—could have been done by the very company behind the HBO series. The choreography was arguably better than some of what we’ve seen in the official show. And the score, by cinematic composer Kamel Bushnaq Music, was perfect.

So what’s next? Well Benjamin wants to continue with the series, and while he’ll likely need more than $200 next time around he’s just looking for any interest. Show him some love on the Facebook page.

(Via VonWong.com)

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